We don’t just produce extraordinary results in

NTSE, Olympiads,
JEE Main & JEE Advanced

but also transform skills of students opting for
non-engineering streams & careers

Calling Students who may even opt for Arts, Commerce, Humanities or Medical.

Why you must study at FIITJEE till Class X ?
  • FIITJEE classroom programs for classes VI to X lay strong academic foundation for the students through its unique pedagogy.
  • These programs raise IQ of the students i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve students’ thinking process making them capable of solving complex problems.
  • These programs comprehensively prepare you for school, boards and all scholastic & competitive exams at city, state & national level, including NTSE, NSEJS / IJSO, IOQM & Green Olympiad besides laying a strong foundation for competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main & JEE Advanced etc.
  • These programs help students balance life with stress-free studies.
  • These programs help you acquire right examination temperament, ensuring optimum output in the exams.
Calling Students who wish to opt Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in Class XI and plan to pursue Graduation in PCM subject domain through CUET
FIITJEE’s exclusively launched CUET programs will augment your chances of studying in a top Central / State University / College.
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I am a doctor. I did my MBBS from AIIMS, New Delhi. I studied at FIITJEE in class IX and X, which gave me an advantage of enhanced analytical & improved decision-making skills. This gave me enough confidence to pursue the Medical Stream later in class XI & XII. The principles learnt at FIITJEE are benefitting me even now. Indeed, joining FIITJEE till class X was the apt decision for me. – Ira Pachori

To achieve my aim of building a career in Law, I took Humanities in class XI & XII. To develop my analytical & logical thinking and research skills, , I chose to study at FIITJEE from class VIII to X.Only because FIITJEE taught me to solve analytical reasoning questions integral to competitive exams, , I could clear CLAT.Today, I am enrolled in BA LLB at Nalsar, Hyderabad. – Barkha Singh

It was my pre-set goal to choose Commerce after class X and make a career in Economics. And, to strengthen my mathematics and critical-thinking skills, I joined FIITJEE from class VII to X. Those 4 years of beneficial learning made me academically abled enough to pursue Economics Honours from Indraprastha University, New Delhi. – Srishti Chopra

I wanted to become a Management Professional. I took Arts in class XI & XII and to cement my academic foundation, I studied at FIITJEE in class IX & X. FIITJEE developed my IQ, strategic thinking skills & infused in me enough confidence to pursue BBE. Today, I am doing MBA in Marketing & the learnings of FIITJEE still remain the biggest support in my life & career. – Abhishek Sharma

I am an IAS officer & always wanted to be one. Since I wanted to opt for Science Stream in class XI and XII, I joined FIITJEE right in class IX & continued studying till class XII. This enhanced my IQ, developed rational thinking & problem-solving tactics, prerequisites to crack UPSC exam. The learning at FIITJEE helps me till date in real life applications. – Keerthi Vasan

The FIITJEE Programs are Life Changing !