For Students Presently in
Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI

For Students Presently in Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI

24th December 2023 & 7th January 2024

24th December 2023 & 7th January 2024

To join FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Programs - Students have to appear in the test in offline mode only.
To join FIITJEE Live Online Classroom Programs - Students can appear in the test in any mode i.e. either offline or online.

*Cash Scholarships, tuition fee waivers & any other waivers associated with FTRE performance are available for students who appear in the test through Offline mode only.

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While you can do a Quick Registration with minimal fields to complete, you can secure your spot quickly and conveniently by paying full fee of Rs. 750 (for Class V, VI, VII) & Rs. 1500 (for Class VIII, IX, X & XI).

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  • Personal Counselling Session (upto 75% incentive over and above any accumulated benefits you've earned)

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Cash Scholarships + Fee Waivers for FIITJEE Programs worth about Rs. 300 Crores (Subject to Terms & Conditions)
Free Hostel Facility / Scholarship on Hostel Fee for deserving Students

FTRE is a gold standard to not only evaluate your IQ, aptitude & academic potential from a national competitive standpoint but also to gauge your analytical skills required for success in an array of competitive / scholastic examinations and careers.

FTRE (24th December 2023 & 7th January 2024) Result Declared for Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI -   Click here...

What is the Importance of FTRE in your life & career ?

Immense, Incomparable & Vital

That’s the significance of these academic yardsticks when it is
about planning for your child’s academic goals and career path

Knowing Current Academic Capabilities

You & your child need to discover your child's current academic capabilities especially aptitude, comprehension skills, analysing capability, general IQ & IQ specific to the career choice. This can be done through specific tests testing some specific concepts cutting across subjects.

Knowing Academic Inclination for a stream

No one career is for every child. It is important for you & your child to discover his / her subject-wise aptitude at an early stage, so that correct stream is chosen in class XI to prepare earnestly for a successful career in the chosen stream.

Discovery through Scientifically Designed Tests

All the above can't be done through just any test. A child needs scientific testing that also has a pattern similar to various prominent National Level competitive & scholastic exams.

Realising National Level Academic Standing

Career dreams can't be realised without knowing where you stand in the competition. Practically all career defining competitive exams as well as top scholastic exams are conducted at the National Level. Whether a child is choosing Engineering, or Medicine, or Pure Sciences, Law, CA, Fashion, Business et. al., he / she needs to know his / her National Level Standing (Success Potential / Rank Potential Index) for the relevant exams at the earliest possible but not later than end of class X. Though it is better done late than the actual exam day.

Discovering the road to optimum success

After all the analysis, you & your child need to know what needs to be done for unravelling his / her total potential (manifested & hidden). This is the most crucial step. It needs to be done carefully. Your child will be happy working hard, with this clarity rather than feel stressed or even depressed. You love your child, isn't it ?

Why should every student presently in

Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI appear in
FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam ?

FTRE will enable you to

  • Get a realistic prediction of your possible All India Rank in various exams (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, various Olympiads & NTSE) with respect to your class in the form of Rank Potential Index (RPI).
  • Get a meticulous evaluation of your Analytical skills, IQ & Aptitude in the most comprehensive manner.
  • Identify your ability to attempt conceptual, analytical & intuitive thinking type questions.
  • Experience attempting scientifically designed question papers with a pattern & marking scheme similar to the major national level competitive / scholastic exams held in India.
  • Get concept- wise, chapter- wise & subject- wise analysis of your performance and get a detailed analysis of each subject, including marks scored in questions across varying difficulty levels i.e. easy, moderate & difficult.
  • Get an evaluation of your examination temperament. Get an insight into what you could have scored and what your scope of improvement is.
  • Qualify for a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program.
  • Qualify for Live Online Classroom Program through FIITJEE eSchool, which is an advantage for Students staying in cities where there is no FIITJEE Centre.

don’t just produce
extraordinary results in

JEE Main &
JEE Advanced

but also transform skills
of students opting for

streams & careers

Whatever stream you may choose in class XI, you must study with FIITJEE from class VI to X and if you are taking Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and wish to pursue a non-engineering career, then you must study with FIITJEE till class XII to acquire deep thinking and analytical skills required for success in competitive exams, career & life


  • Course taught in each of Class VI to X is common & same for all students of that Class, irrespective of the stream (Arts, Commerce, Humanities, PCM, PCB, PCMB) they may opt for while moving to Class XI.
  • Every student going to Class VI to X will immensely benefit from FIITJEE’s process of Academic Cult Metamorphosis which will not only empower them to perform much better academically but also empower them with much enhanced Mental Ability including Analytical Skills, which are extremely vital for success in any career & life itself.
  • These programs help build a solid foundation built by unravelling your 100% hidden potential for success even if you are aiming at pursuing higher studies in Arts (CUET), Commerce (CUET), Engineering (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, WBJEE, TANCET, EAMCET, KCET, MHTCET...), Humanities (CUET), Medicine (NEET) or in pure Sciences P,C,M/B at IISc / IISER or at other institutes (CUET).
  • These programs will optimally prepare you for NTSE, Junior Olympiads and at least for the IOQM. No matter what your current academic performance is, a FIITJEE program can help you undergo a metamorphosis.

FIITJEE's Unparalleled Expertise powered by our Value System, Sincerity & Hardwork
produces winning results consistently for the

27th year in JEE Advanced

3 in Top 10 | 32 in Top 100 All India Ranks

in JEE Advanced 2023 captured by FIITJEE Classroom Program Students

How FTRE proved to be the
launchpad for many students
to achieve their dream success

Toppers defining FTRE’s essence


Through its culture of Academic Cult Metamorphosis, FIITJEE not only transforms brilliant students into toppers but also catapults average & above average students (by JEE Advanced standards) to good ranks in JEE Advanced. In fact, if a student follows us sincerely & works hard, he / she is sure to get through JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

Facts are the Testimony

Such Success Stories are Numerous ! Click here to know more

We don’t just produce extraordinary results in

NTSE, Olympiads,
JEE Main & JEE Advanced

but also transform skills of students opting for

non-engineering streams & careers

Calling Students who may even opt for Arts,
Commerce, Humanities or Medical.
Why you must study at FIITJEE till Class X ?

  • FIITJEE classroom programs for Classes VI to X lay strong academic foundation for the students through its unique pedagogy.
  • These programs raise IQ of the students i.e. sharpen analytical skills & mental ability and evolve students’ thinking process making them capable of solving complex problems.
  • These programs comprehensively prepare you for school, boards and all scholastic & competitive exams at city, state & national level, including NTSE, NSEJS / IJSO, IOQM & Green Olympiad besides laying a strong foundation for competitive exams like NEET, JEE Main & JEE Advanced etc.
  • These programs help students balance life with stress-free studies.
  • These programs help you acquire right examination temperament, ensuring optimum output in the exams.

Calling Students who wish to opt Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in Class XI and plan to pursue Graduation in PCM subject domain through CUET

FIITJEE’s exclusively launched CUET programs will augment your chances of studying in a top Central / State University / College.

To know more about CUET programs, click here..

So, register today for FTRE & open new doors in your career quest

Cash Scholarships + Fee Waivers on FIITJEE Programs worth about Rs. 300 Crores

(Subject to Terms & Conditions)

Free Hostel Facility / Scholarship on Hostel Fee for deserving Students

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